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Skoda Ski and snowboard carrier

Ski/snowboard carrier with aluminium profile, lockable

The lockable ski/snowboard carrier is a safe solution for ski or snowboard transport,

especially for vehicles without the rear folding armrest (this allows ski transport in the through-loading bag in the vehicle interior when folded down).

Ski / snowboard carrier with aluminum

profile, lockable can be mounted on the so-called open profile of the roof rack, the height-adjustable attachment to the roof rack is possible in 2 positions - in classic and elevated position

is lockable, thus prevents the theft of the transported equipment,

Skis must be inserted into the carrier with the tips facing backwards (against the direction of travel),

allows the transport of 4 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards,

has passed the load and safety tests of the ŠKODA brand.

The maximum permissible roof load of the vehicle, including base carriers, ski racks and transported skis, can be found in the vehicle registration document of the respective vehicle.

For safety reasons, the maximum permissible roof load must not be exceeded.

Fabric: Anodized aluminum + plastic

Limitation: Only for the roof rack with the so-called "T" groove. For 4 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards.

Set scope: Ski carrier (2 pieces), key (2 pieces), holder for T-slot short (4 pieces), holder for T-slot long

(4 pieces), spacer disc (4 pieces), nut with folding handle (4 pieces),

assembly instructions.Fastening: On the roof base girder or roof cross beam.

Weight: 3.8 kg

Item reference: 000071129AA

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