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Marten Defense System M2700

IP65: By achieving protection class IP 65 (water and dirt resistant), the M2700 device can be mounted directly at the entrance openings of the animals to the engine compartment.

360°: By means of a directly coupled ultrasonic structure-borne sound transmitter, the curved surface of the housing is set in oscillations, an effective radius of 360° is achieved! This method has so far been used in submarines (sonar), but is completely new in the field of marten defense. Ultrasonic waves propagate forward like light, i.e. behind obstacles or laterally the sound is barely perceptible. With the M2700, the sound waves are now emitted to all sides, an all-round protection against martens is achieved.


Aggressive sine tones: The M2700 produces pulsating, very intense sinusoidal ultrasonic tones. These aggressive tones are adapted to the natural warning and fear cries of wild animals and are perceived by martens as extremely annoying and therefore avoided as much as possible. The sounds pulsate with amplitude change and thus prevent habituation of the animals. In addition, the applied pulse technology achieves an extremely low current consumption (below 2mA).


100% Original Volkswagen Accessories

Operation when the vehicle is stationary

Function indicator by flashing LED

high sound pressure

e1 mark, Made in Germany

Manufacturer: K&K


Scope of delivery: Connection cable, installation and operating instructions and control unit


Item reference: 000054651A

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