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Espresso machine


For all models with 12V socket

Prepares a perfect espresso in just 2.5 minutes in the simplest way, almost like at home

Simply insert Nespresso® compatible capsules and enjoy.



Connect the device to the 12V socket

Add (cold) water and insert a compatible Nespresso® pad of your choice

Press the power button

After the 3 beeps, turn the machine over and press the cup button

At the end, press the stop button


Kaffeeart: Espresso, klein (50ml)

Coffee format: Nespresso®*-compatible capsules

Wasserfüllmenge 50 ml

Pressure: 16 bar

Color: Black

Voltage: compatible 12V/ 140 Watt

Preparation time: approx. 3 minutes

With delay electronics, the machine keeps the coffee ready for preparation for 5 minutes

With digital control screen and level indicator

With anti-spray nozzle

Scope of delivery:

Espresso machine, mug, brush to remove coffee powder, 1 microfiber cloth

Due to the high heating power, the cigarette lighter should be protected with at least 15 amperes or the engine of the car should continue to run in order to be able to supply the necessary electricity for your coffee machine.

It is also advisable to have a roll of kitchen paper on board, as some drops cannot always be avoided.

Please note:

® Nespresso compatible capsules available "everywhere"

Additional tips for perfect use

Clean the inside of the filter holder (lid) regularly to make sure there is no more coffee

You can put the filter holder in the dishwasher from time to time.

If the level indicator remains white after filling the water, check the mineral content of your water (? Dry residue? must be > 50mg)


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